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Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you make the candles yourself?"

Yes! All our candles are handmade by us, in our home. 


"What do you use to scent the candles?"

We use a combination of essential and synthetic oils in our candles. We define synthetic as having not been derived directly from the source however, our oils are all derived from plant sources. We select synthetic oils due to their improved ability to adequately combine with the wax and produce stunning candles with wonderful scent throw. 


"How can a candle be vegan?"

We source our supplies from companies dedicated to animal welfare and the environment. None of our fragrance oils or wax contain animal or insect products and are not tested on animals. Our wax is sourced from an accredited company dedicated to sustainability and renewable resources. 


"What is the wick made from?"

Our wicks are made from braided cotton. They offer a slow, soft burn, minimising the need for frequent trimming (though we still recommend trimming your wick to 5mm before each burn).  


"Do you offer refills?"

Yes! When you return an undamaged jar and lid, you can select any candle of the same size and receive $2 off! 


Any other queries please contact us directly.